Welcome to the world of NFTs!

On this site you can explore three cool NFT collections created by a team of enthusiasts and Signum blockchain fans.

Each image was drawn by a first-rate artists who gave they soul to this project.

The creation of the collections took three unforgettable months.

Hard Disk Miner Club

A hilarious and reckless collection of 10 000 unique and generated hard drives, ready to mine Signum every day and night for the good of the blockchain network. All of the drives are living in Minetown – fictional city of the future.

Each NFT has its own attributes and rarity ranking. There are 6 different labels: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic. The initial price is based specifically on the value of each NFT.

142 attributes, 219 million variations, 8 attribute trait.

The Rarity Table is available below.

ExploreRarity ranking info & table
Hard Disk Miner Club

Video of drawing a Hard Disk character

Theater of Chameleons

Theater of Chameleons

A colorful and cute collection of 100 characters from movies, TV shows and video games presented in the form of amusing chameleons. Each chamy is unique and has a different coloration.

Try to guess every character!


Signum Gems

This amazing collection is a set of entertaining cards. It contains 20 of the rarest and most expensive gemstones in the world. The value of each stone is set in the attribute rank. Each card has a value rating from 1 to 5, this can be seen in the upper left corner.

Caution: don’t be blinded by the glow of the stones.

Signum Gems

What is SignumArt?

This is a young and fast-growing NFT marketplace created on the Signum blockchain on May 2, 2022.
More and more artists and creatives are coming to this platform every day.

Learn how to use the marketplace by watching the video below.


(the road map is valid for all collections)

> After reaching 1,500,000 Signa trade turnover, donate 5% of our profits to charity. The fund will be chosen at our discretion. A screenshot will be attached.

> After reaching 3,000,000 Signa trade turnover, donate 5% of our income to the Signum Network Association. A link to the transaction will be attached.

> If we find that our work is popular we will create additional 50-100 NFTs for the Theater of Chameleons collection with female characters.

> Dividend payment to our NFT holders: 80% of our income will be transferred to other cryptocurrencies. This money will be invested in long-term staking and liquidity pools. The investment risk is medium, and the annual return could be 5-30% APY. Once a month we will evenly distribute 85% of the profits from the investment to all NFT holders in equal parts.
(Profit is not guaranteed)

> Q4 2022. Creation of our own smart token, which will be distributed to NFT holders and available for buying. Token trading will be organized on DEX or Liquidity pools, when they are created. Token holders will receive floating income.

> We will also periodically produce small contests, giveaways, and entertainment.

And much much more…

The roadmap will be adjusted as we reach our goals.


This is the newest marketplace, which was creating over 4 months. The developers took into account all the mistakes of previous platforms and created a really worthwhile project.

User can transfer NFTs without wasting energy:

                • Mint an NFT for 0,40 Signa (~0,002$)

                • Buy, sell, or transfer for only 0,32 Signa

                • Fully decentralized with IPFS

                • Serverless architecture

Work on the portal continues almost every day, soon will be available new cool and convenient functionality.

There are two reasons why to buy NFT tokens:

1. You are an art lover and you like the work of our artists. When you buy our NFTs you pay not only for the nice art, but also for our work.

2. You want to make money on reselling NFTs by buying cheap and selling at a higher price. This is quite a working way to make money, especially if you buy NFTs that are popular.

Either way, we wanted to create really valuable items that you would like, whether you buy them or not.

Currently, the cheapest NFT in "Hard Disk Miner Club" collection cost $650 Signa, which is $1.5 for now.

Theater of Chameleons and Signum Gems collections launched in May 2nd, 2022, the opening day of the Martketplace. We've been preparing for this for a long time.
Hard Disk Miner Club launched in June 26th, 2022.

1. Signum Gems collection has a rarity of 1 to 5. The most valuable NFT has a rating of 5.
2. Theater of Chameleons collection has no rarity attributes due to the fact that we cannot decide for you which character is more valuable. All people have different tastes.
3. Hard Disk Miner Club has rarity and also ranking. The more valuable NFT is worth more. You can read more here.

No, we created our art specifically for Signum Blockchain. If you find our art on other blockchains, let us know, we will take action.

We have been a Signum blockchain enthusiast since the rebranding of Burstcoin. We support the project in every way we can and help as much as we can.
That's why we want to create a long-term project and put all our efforts into it. More details are written in the roadmap.

We believe we are capable of becoming a Top 1 artists on the marketplace. Join us!

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